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About Us


The Church TV Network is a YouTube channel designed to edify and entertain people who desperately need access to positive media.This channel consists of a variety of spiritual and inspirational videos. These videos are strategically placed in a descriptive playlist to make it easier for our viewers to navigate. Our goal is to create quality spiritual videos that are accessible for anyone who desires to grow in God and His purpose.

TV is rapidly evolving, and these new changes give viewers the option to choose programming that is consistent with moral values, spiritual growth, and edification. YouTube is one of the many influential tools available through TV. You now can buy a smart TV with the YouTube app. You also have the option to make your TV a smart TV for under $100.00 with Apple TV, Roku, or Google Chromecast. Through the latest technology, individuals, families, churches, Christians, and potential Christians can now choose to watch spiritual content on their own TVs whenever they desire.

subscribers worldwide. Therefore, let’s take advantage of this great opportunity to promote Christ.The Church TV Network hopes to utilize YouTube as a powerful tool to spread the Gospel and promote Christian living. In order to complete this task, we need your help and support. We need to effectively collaborate in order to reach the world and obtain positive exposure. YouTube is the #1 video sharing media site that has many 

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B Right Video Productions is the video company owned by Bryant K. Malone in Athens, AL.  

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